GitFinder turns two

February 13, 2020

… these past two years were just warming-up, the real race has not started yet…
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Notarise me softly

October 11, 2019

… application + XPC service combo build with hardened runtime fails to access contacts… shame for Apple breaking their own design concepts and paradigms…
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GitFinder goes LFS

August 01, 2019

… it was worth it. It ended up with, as far as I know, the only third party implementation of Git LFS functionality. It is also fast and pretty robust…
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GitFinder and macOS sandboxing

September 03, 2018

… some 80-85% of macOS applications can be sandboxed, without sacrificing any functionality or user experience. I believe GitFinder is a very nice proof of this claim…
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Why GitFinder

February 13, 2018

… Yet if you're reading this, you're witnessing the introduction of a newcomer to the party: GitFinder…
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