Privacy Policy

We (at ZigZag) are highly committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. Therefore we take your privacy very seriously and we keep number of situations in which we collect and/or share privacy data linked to you to an absolute bare minimum. As a consequence, our privacy policy is simple, short and easily understandable.

Below can you find our privacy policy outlined in more details. If you have any questions or concerns about the policy, please contact us using our support page. If there is anything out the policy that you do not agree with, please discontinue using GitFinder application and website.

Privacy in GitFinder application

GitFinder DOES NOT collect nor share any privacy data linked to you.

  • Contact information from your contacts, provided that you allowed GitFinder to access them, is used ONLY to display graphics images (avatars) of people, who committed changes into git repositories.
  • Private SSH keys, kept in files on your Mac disks, are used for authentication with git remotes and passed directly to those remotes, without being collected and/or shared.
  • Usernames and passwords needed for authentication when connecting to supported host services (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket…) are passed directly to hosting servers, without being collected and/or shared.
  • Other credentials, eventually needed when executing operations on git remotes, such are username and passwords, are passed directly to git remotes, without being collected and/or shared.
  • Passwords are optionally securely saved into the keychain, like all other passwords on your Mac.

Privacy on website

When you visit and use our website, there are certain privacy data linked to you that we may collect for further use. However, those data ARE NOT shared with anyone.

  • If you sign up for our newsletter filling your email address on our download page, we collect your email address in order to send you periodical newsletters you singed up for.
  • All new purchases are automatically signed up for the newsletter, which you can cancel manually.
  • Your name and email address that you fill in using the form on our support page is directly used to generate and sent a support email and those data are not collected and/or shared.

Privacy regarding purchasing GitFinder

When you purchase GitFinder on our purchase page, you are actually redirected to FastSpring server. FastSpring is a well known digital commerce platform for software, with a proven record during 15 years in business. All privacy data linked to you, that you fill in the purchase form, is handled directly by FastSpring. The way FastSpring handles those data is explained in details on FastSpring Privacy Statement page.

Only a small bits of the privacy data linked to you, that you fill in the purchase form, are collected by us, but ARE NOT shared with anyone.

  • Your name is collected for our internal administrative purposes, as it is required from us to have records of all our customers. Your name is not shared.
  • Your email address and license key are collected so that in case you forget your license key, we can send it to you upon request, or you can look for it yourself on our support page. Your email address and license key are not shared.